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Unit Still & BTS Photography 

If you are in the Film Industry aiming to make a good first impression and catch the eye of Film Festivals, Commissioners, Distributors or Acquisition Executives, then choosing our Unit Still Photography / (BTS) Behind-The-Scenes service would be a great Idea. This is a brilliant way to build a connection and the trust factor with your target audience.

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Why do I need Unit Still & BTS photography? 

Unit Still Photography is a great way to help excite and intrigue your audiences, first impressions count! Having the right still images can draw your audience in from the start. These iconic images will serve as your film’s business card.


A good Unit Still Photographer will be skilled in catching moments and angles that would otherwise be missed during filming or rehearsals; a good example is capturing character portraits in between takes, documenting cast wardrobe, set appearance and the background. 


BTS (Behind-The-Scenes) Photography is a way to document the day-to-day live film making process, creating more content, and bringing the audience closer to your world; giving them a small glimpse of what is normally unseen. 


Once we've captured the Perfect Stills, you will be able to use them to create visually engaging:


-Theatrical Release Posters, Press releases,

-Film festival programmes,

-Billboards, Bus Stop Advertisement,

-DVD Box Artworks, Official Website Photos,

-Social Media Thumbnails, 

-Blog Posts and more...

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